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Monday, March 13, 2017

Urban Necessities - Sneaker Boutique with a Twist

Urban Necessities, also called the UN, is a sneaker boutique that carries sneakers ranging from extremely rare to new releases. Established in 2014, they are located in Las Vegas, Nevada just a few miles away from the MGM Grand Hotel. They offer a unique shopping experience that separates them from their competitors in the sneaker community. In 2016, Las Vegas had a visitor volume of over 42 million people. This provides a great opportunity for Urban Necessities to attract new potential customers to come into their store when they are visiting the city. Personally, I would make a beeline for this store if I were to visit Las Vegas.

Sneaker Wall
The store is known for having an immense inventory ranging from new releases to remarkably hard to find sneakers. It is set up in a manner to resemble a sneakerhead's dream closet with walls flooded with limited sneakers. They set themselves apart from their competitors nationwide by leaving their whole inventory out for display, known as their sneaker wall. Being able to not only find the pair of shoes that you have been searching for ages is one thing but to see a whole wall of them is an incredible thing to experience. The whole setting of the store is not only attractive but is also convenient. Knowing that you will be able to find that one pair of shoes that sell out instantly at stores like Foot Locker and Champs at Urban Necessities is great. I feel that being consistent and dependable plays a major factor in maintaining your reputation in the industry.  
Heat Lockers
The UN also has shoe arcade machine which they call “Heat Lockers” where you can play for a chance to win a pair of the rare shoes that they are known for carrying. Would you pass up the chance of winning a pair of $1000 sneakers for $5? The fact that they have these games at their store attracts many customers into the store and once you are in and see their walls stocked with shoes, you will have to take a look around and see what they have to offer. The owner, Jaysee Lopez, runs the Instagram page which is an exceptional and cost effective means to promote the shop. They also do a great job utilizing YouTube with the use of videos such as Vlogs. Through the use of social media, Urban Necessities has really blown up and has become a very well-known part of the sneaker community. Jaysee holds a yearly events where he would give back to the community by having raffles and selling rare sneakers at under retail value. 

Overall, the marketing through social media, the layout of their store, and events to build customer relations has made this store sound very intriguing to me. I will find myself drooling over their inventory and end up spending more money than I should be by just being there. 



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