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Monday, March 13, 2017

HaiDiLao: Customer is God

Chinese Hot pot has always been my favorite dish on the menu and I have been to many different hotpot restaurants in China such as Little Sheep and Xiao Hui Ge. However, after I went to Hai Di Lao with my family during the holiday, it became my number one go-to place for hotpot. The dining experience I had in Hai Di Lao was so unique that no other restaurants are able to duplicate. For the rest of my article, I will analyze and evaluate the ESE value proposition it used to become the number one hotpot brand in China.

This is the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot store in America. The environment is a mix of both eastern and western styles because it used red lights that look like candles to symbolize good luck in China, whereas; there is also a bar counter with various wines and drinks. The warm and gentle lighting creates a relaxing, cozy and homelike atmosphere that makes it the perfect dining place for friends and families.

I am deeply impressed by Hai Di Lao's breadth and depth selection of product categories. The sauce bar, for example, has eleven different sauce ingredients such as red pepper, sesame sauce, chili oil etc., For the soup base which determines the taste of the entire hotpot, it offers 5 different bases range from seafood pot to tomato pot and spicy pot.

However, I think its key to success is the high end customer service that you can never experience in other stores. The engagement starts from the elevators since the waiters will greet the customers at the elevators and direct you to the entrance. There is a waiting zone outside the store where you can have free drinks, snacks and even play board games with your friends while waiting. You can also order free manicure and massage service too. After you sit, you will receive an iPad for ordering, a hair tie for girls, and a small plastic bag for your cellphone protection because the soup can often splash everywhere. Their top notch service doesn't stop here, if you come with children, they have a playground for kids as well as beds provided for infants!

Those detail oriented and friendly service turn regular customers into loyalty and angel customers, but their engagement with Hai Di Lao continues when they write interesting reviews and post them on social media. It immediately creates a buzz and word of mouth when you see multiple customers share their unique stories. This is a web post saying that she received anti-mosquito spray when the waiter saw the bites on her arm.

To sum up, Hai Di Lao has crafted unique dining experience through its specialized design in environment, meticulously category selection and supreme engagement and service. As a result, it establishes true brand loyalty, high quality relationships that eventually leads to rapid growth of profitability. I am looking forward to having Hai Di Lao in Edmonton one day.



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