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Monday, March 13, 2017

Call It Spring!

Call It Spring is the ultimate destination to discover unique design shoes and accessories. The store caters to young men and women from ages 15-25, who are interested in fashion and believe in living life to the fullest. Call It Spring in Southgate centre is situated right in front of Victoria Secret, which in my opinion is an excellent place. Considering both brands have a similar target market and distinct product assortment. 
The ever young attitude of the brand is reflected on their e-commerce website. CallItSpring.com was the first place I visited after discovering the brand. Since it was a convenient way to learn about the brand and the type of products it sells. The easy to navigate website has on their homepage vibrant colour schemes and pictures of stylish models. The fresh outlook was very appealing and welcoming.
Moreover, these characteristics of the brand have been extended to their products and their store design. The store front displays a huge poster of a stylish woman wearing Call It Spring products. It captures the attention and connects with the fashion-forward consumers, resulting in them entering the store.
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Image may contain: shoesThe store has a sleek neutral look mix with striking colours that creates an inspiring environment. I like how the entrance has an open feel and the products are displayed in a way that everyone can view them without any blockage from the sale signs. Furthermore, last year the women side of the store transformed into showcasing their new collection, Alice Through The Looking Glass. I noticed on the shelves the eye-catching handbags and shoes displayed. They even had special bags that are used for putting in customers purchases with the collection name and colour scheme. It was a collection that I personally liked and I enjoyed how every aspect of the shopping experience encompassed the new launch. I also recall shopping in another store carrying my purchase from Call It Spring and someone asked me whether I made a purchase from the collection due to the bag. Having such an uplifting environment with the playful colours in the store and the unique new collection, resulted in gaining clientele interest. Thus, the customers spend more time in the store and are more likely to make a purchase.
Call It Spring has three product categories: shoes, handbags, and accessories. They have a wide breadth of product assortment, such as the handbag category consists of backpacks and clutches, etc. Moreover, the shoes mostly have a very simple design and look, but there are some printed shoes. Furthermore, my favourite category is handbags on both their channels. The handbag prints and designs are so unique that it is easy for me to recognise them anywhere. In my opinion, the products are primarily incomparable to their competitors due to their shoes, handbags, and accessories having the same print. It gives the clientele the option to purchase in the three categories the same style of products. This option emphasises Call It Spring different way of approaching style and fashion. This is not easy to find, especially with their fun, sunny, happy prints that I really like. 
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Call it spring utilises social media platform, such as Instagram and Facebook to share their clientele pictures wearing their merchandise. Thus, it creates an environment of inclusivity and engagement between the customer and the brand, resulting in a strong bond. There are also many celebrities and fashion bloggers with massive followings that post pictures wearing Call It Spring products. This results in generating brand awareness and traffic towards social media platforms and websites. Another aspect of their social platforms that stands out to me is that they share posts about other things besides their products, such as quotes, fun videos, and giveaways, etc. This strategy definitely attracts more followers by keeping things light, welcoming and less promotional.
Call It Spring is a breath of fresh air due to the whole package: the youthful environment of the store, the signature mint green and light blue colours, and the unique printed products and collections. Having a go-to place that is on trend and has its own unique personality truly caters to those individuals, who enjoy a sense of freedom and uniqueness in their style. 




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