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Monday, March 13, 2017

Bite Beauty Lip Lab: The Age of Customization

It is easy to see why many consider the 21st Century the age of customization. Today, consumers are able to purchase goods in almost every category in which they have participated in the design of the finished product. I, myself, love being able to customize a product so it becomes exactly what I want envision it to be...I can't say I've met many people who wouldn't say the same.

The makeup industry has always been one that is on the forefront of product customization. Makeup brands are continually searching for new and exciting ways to further engage their customers, as well as differentiate themselves from their competitors in an-ever growing market.

Bite Beauty, an all-natural (and good enough to eat - their Agave Lip Balm is delicious) lip product line has found the next big thing in makeup customization. The company has launched the "Bite Beauty Lip Lab" in four major cities across Canada and the United States. It is here that makeup lovers and beauty fanatics alike can take lipstick to the next level - shade customization.

The experience begins with a consultation with a Lip Lab Artist - by appointment or walk-in. There, you can choose between two different package options: "Custom Lipstick" (which includes either one or two customized lipsticks) or "Beespoke Lipstick"(which includes two customized shades as well as an exclusive Lip Lab lip kit). However, it's once you've chosen your package that the real fun begins. The Lip Lab Artist will help you design a shade to your exact specifications (letting you test out the shade on your lips along the way), with shade choices from nearly 200 lip pigments. Now, as if that wasn't already enough, you can pick between an array of finishes and all-natural scents/flavours. The lipstick is then hand crafted on the spot so you can go home with your utterly unique, customized tube (to wear of course!).

So what's the Bite Beauty Lip Lab end result? A personalized experience and a unique, one-of-a-kind, only for you product.

With the introduction of the Lip Lab, Bite Beauty seems to have mastered matching their product offering to the exact needs of their target market, by creating a collaborative customization environment. Although the price point of these shades may be high, customers are willing to pay for their chance to have a shade that is all their own. Bite Beauty was able to make the design process enjoyable, requiring the customer to exert enough energy to feel like they played a part in the product design, but not too much that the experience became confusing and un-enjoyable. Overall, the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is an invaluable tool in increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Although there may seem to be endless lipstick shades offered on the market today, there will never be another that can offer the experience, engagement and uniqueness as the one you are able to design at Bite Beauty's Lip Lab. I, for one, won't be looking anywhere else.

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