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Monday, March 13, 2017

An Environment that Suit’s You!

Suitsupply is a Dutch menswear company whom has recently opened a store in the prestigious de la Montagne area in Montreal. This area is currently anchored by major clothing retailers like Holt Renfrew and is in the process of a "retail renaissance" according to Eva Friede and predicted to be the "future of luxury shopping in Montreal" by Roberto Reino. These statements indicate that this area may become a destination for both retailers and potential consumers in Montreal. Thus many retailers in luxury categories will likely be chasing the opportunity to have a presence in this Montreal neighborhood. Suitsupply’s online business in Montreal has been very lucrative and has influenced their decision to open a brick and mortar store in this location according to Nish de Gruiter. The question is can Suitsupply replicate their online success in the midst of the "retail renaissance" in de la Montagne?

The Montreal location boasts 3 storey’s of retail space with offerings of  in-store tailoring services, made-to-measure suits and the ability to even design your own suit, The convenience and choice with regards to choosing a suit and being able to have the product altered at the same location is reminiscent of luxury menswear retailers like Henry Singer and Harry Rosen. Though Suitsupply does mimic the service of these retailers their price range of $429 to $1,029 for a suit is significantly different from the prices of their menswear peers. One would assume that this lower price would be an indication of a product with lower quality, but surprisingly a $614 Suitsupply suit was comparable in quality to an $3600 Armani suit according to an article in The Wall Street Journal.

Most interesting about Suitsupply’s retail format is the presentation of their product. The appearance of the store utilizes the products to create the store’s unique aesthetic. The Tie Wall for instance creates a colorful piece of art that draws the consumer in. Unlike many menswear retailer’s that present their product offerings in a very traditional manner like a table of ties. The store manages to blend the product and the retail space into a cohesive unit to create an atmosphere that is innovative, but not too unfamiliar to what the customer is used to. Some familiar aspects in the retail space will be beneficial in creating comfort for the consumer in this unique retail format.

The overall retail space is trendy and modern as can be seen in the images of the Montreal location. Though these aesthetics do not come at the expense of the functionality of the store. Suitsupply is able to provide a vibrant atmosphere in conjunction with functional services like in-store tailoring. 

The dynamic location in Montreal coupled with the aesthetic of the store and the pricing strategy seem to indicate that Suitsupply is trying to use a store format that will appeal to a younger consumer. That is a consumer who is looking for some innovation and uniqueness in both their menswear products and the corresponding retail space. An individual whom enjoys elements of the typical luxury menswear retailer like on-site tailoring, but on a more modest budget. This is not going to be your dad’s new menswear staple, but maybe it might be yours!



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