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Monday, February 6, 2017

Sage Natural Wellness: Exciting Relaxation?

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Southgate mall just wanting a moment. It was a day of mass errands and mental checklists, and it was starting to rub me the wrong way. So literally right in the middle of grocery shopping, and passport photos, I decided to step into a store I never had before: Saje Natural Wellness.

Saje natural wellness’ aim is to make their customers feel better naturally. Founded in 1992, it’s creator Jean-Pierre Leblanc wanted believed the more natural a health solution was, the more effective it would be, and from there he produced the first essential oils which continues to be the cornerstone of the brand today. Combined with partner Rose LeBlanc’s passion for retail and design, Saje’s goal has always been to share the founder’s discovery for wellness and remedy through beautiful customer experiences.

Now Saje stores have been in the mall for as far as I can remember, and they upgraded their store size and location just a little while ago. Admittedly though, I had always brushed the store off as being just another bath and body store, and a weaker one at that.I do not have much affinity to those types of products to begin with, and Saje just seemed a little boring. With all that being said, my first visit to Saje really left me impressed.

Upon walking into the store, I actually found myself drawn to the left side versus the right. It helps that the entrance spot encourages this, but overall the store has their more expensive essential oils on the left side, more affordable bath and body products on the right, and decorative fragrance diffusers in the middle. The workers were very nice, the products are quite pretty, and each product has a nice tester that is as noticeably clean as the rest of the store. On top of that, what Saje really does well for me is in atmospherics.

The lighting does a fantastic job of adding warmth, glow, and ambiance to the space, perfectly illuminating the earth tone colour scheme the store presents. The scent of the store is fragrant, but gentle, as if it considers that sometimes the stronger the scent is not always the better.  Also any music that was played was soft, both elements being employed more to accent the layout rather than override it, which in my opinion delivered much more impact.

Lastly,  the actual displays themselves were gorgeously meticulous in both organization and bounty. Usually I find these kind of store displays so packed or cluttered with either the excessive amount of product, or the limited amount of space. Saje seemed to know exactly how much product to have out, with each shelf being well planned, and each row being perfectly spaced out with all products at the front, and uniformly lined up. The displays looked neat and tidy, and shelves were very well-maintained.Not sure if this was the direction, or just a coincidence (I was the only one in there), but I would like to say the first.

My favourite thing I saw was this roller-ball display with the crystal platform. Saje’s packaging in general is very good quality, but the actual roller-ball itself looked exactly like it’s respective crystal platform. Ultimately, it is something like this that makes me want to visit Saje again. This specific shelf perfectly captures the store’s sharp subtlety and strong attention to detail, display into me a brand that is mature,thoughtful, and who understands exactly what it offers. Overall, these elements worked very well together to produce a relaxing and even elegant vibe, transcending the holistic energy of the store into something really palpable for me. It was the best breath of fresh air I had taken in a while, and the calmness I felt leaving, left me excited for more.



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