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Monday, February 20, 2017

INDOCHINO: Tailored for Success

About Indochino

Founded in 2007 by Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko in Vancouver, British Columbia, Indochino is transforming men’s fashion through their domination of the made-to-measure menswear market; try saying that ten times fast. Indochino has revolutionized the method by which men shop for the perfectly tailored suit. The process begins with the customer inputting a variety of body measurements into the Indochino website, then selecting from one of Indochino’s 150+ suit and/or shirt fabrics and customizing certain features to their desired taste. Indochino offers instructional videos to ensure the consumer is properly measuring themsevles, which will help safeguard the fit of suit. The streamlining of efficiency and affordability Indochino brings to men’s fashion is the ultimate factor in their prodigious success.


Following the inception of Indochino, the made-to-measure menswear company had operated solely as an online platform for men to purchase their custom-tailored suits. However, in 2014, Indochino branched out to become an omnichannel retailer, opening its first permanent brick-and-mortar showroom in Vancouver, British Columbia. Indochino has since opened four more showrooms in the United States and Canada, with further expansions in line for the spring of this year in both countries. The new showroom developments are set to open in Edmonton, Calgary, Greater Vancouver, as well as in five major cities in the United States. The addition of the showroom enhances the consumer’s purchase, giving the customer a luxury tailoring experience at an affordable price. Although the customer may measure themselves and select a suit from the comfort of their own home, being paired with a Style Guide to help with fabric selection, measurements, and customization enriches the entire purchase, giving it a tremendously personal feel. In other words, these showrooms sell the experience, not just the product alone. Consumers across all age groups are more willing to spend on experiences rather than things, and are more interested in retailers who offer personal and custom experiences. Indochino sticks to a minimalistic design in their showrooms, while maintaining a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.


Opening these eight new showroom locations is a major step in the growth of Indochino. However, with these showrooms accounting for such a large percentage of the expanding retailer’s business, finding the proper locations is a vital decision to the company, which is generally a particularly resource intensive process. However, Indochino utilizes Qubit Visitor Cloud, a cross between a marketing cloud and web personalization tool, to assist them in the decision-making process by providing them with consumer data and analytics. Indochino uses Qubit to identify cities with the highest volume of site traffic or fluctuations in site visitation, which they then employ to initiate pop-up travelling tailor events as a method of testing the market. The successful cities who garner the most promising traffic and transaction data with prosperous pop-ups, may acquire a permanent showroom in the future.

A suggestion that I have for Indochino would be to develop a simulation of what a customized suit or outfit would look as the customer designs it. Currently, when modifying a suit on their website, the customizations are shown as a small, generic drawing of what the change looks like. I believe that having the option to see what the modifications will look like for that specific suit fabric as well as having the ability to pair that suit with different shirts and accessories on a full-body scale will enhance the consumer’s decision-making process. This would not only be a vast improvement to the website, but also an enhancing feature of a showroom on a large touchscreen.
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