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Sunday, January 31, 2016


What comes to mind when thinking of Kate Spade? To me, it’s like stepping out of dreary streets of “Deadmonton” and into the glamorous world of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, filled with bright polka dots and gleaming displays. I feel like a young successful woman in an eye catching ensemble off to tackle all of the important appointments scheduled in my planner. Little do the sales associates know, but although I may look like I fit into their demographic and psychographic segments, I have carefully selected each piece of discounted clothing items and constructed a seamless outfit that may actually portray that I have some disposable income to effortlessly spend. In reality, I am a university student hoping to get a discount Kate Spade bag for my birthday for half the price. I would not classify myself as a Kate Spade New York girl, but here is what her persona entails:

Demographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral Segmentations
Kate Spade New York girl can be seen through four pieces that Kate Spade sells to consumers. Whether it is a pattern or design printed representing her lifestyle printed on merchandise, decorative home pieces, or clothing and accessories, each detail describes who she is to consumers in a simple way that is surly memorable. 

Her Lifestyle
As stated on their website, “She is a young professional in a city: maybe in the public eye, maybe a writer, a docent, or a program director at a charitable organization. She is invested in her work. She loves art and entertainment, is engaged in fashion, and she is culturally curious. She is a downtown girl, with an uptown sensibility.” To many customers, this may seem like the ideal successful woman, encouraging them to embrace the the products, brand, and the image they both portray. 

Her Apartment  
Her rental apartment would include items such as: the latest flea market find, a Bella Foster painting, polaroid from her summer travels, an entire pay cheque went to the floor lamp design within reach, the guitar she’ll learn to play one day, games, fresh flowers whenever she can, Uncle Lou’s arm chair reupholstered in Joseph Frank fabric, and lots of books. The items suggest her thirst for adventure and her passion for creativity. 

Her Purse
Kate’s purse holds the following: a compact, address book, iPhone, sunglasses, book, stick of gum, gym ID card, cigarettes that she bought and regrets, bobby pins, lipstick and a cocktail ring, wallet and metro card, pens and journal, and a digital camera. These items suggest that she is organized, yet perfectly messy at the same time. Perhaps this juxtaposition allows viewers and consumers to fit into a broader segment, where they can feel comfortable being very organized, messy, or a combination of both. 

Her Outfit
Where does Kate Spade shop? (She is not saving for a rainy day)
  •       Barneys (for inspiration)
  •        J Crew (for basics)
  •        H&M (for cheap and chic)
  •        Marc by Marc Jacobs (sample sales)
  •        Flea markets (for vintage pieces)
  •        Gilt.com
  •       Anthropologie
  •        Miu Miu (spends her bonuses here)
  •        Her favorite stand by’s are Chucks and Levi’s S01s, she has jewelry for every occasion, and loves pops of color.

The portrayal of “Kate Spade Girl New York” gives the company an opportunity to demonstrate their different segmentations to the public through a figure that is easy to understand and memorable. Social media has played a large role in describing complex quantitative statistical research to consumers in a simple qualitative form.  The success of this marketing technique has lead Kate Spade to ranking among the strongest brands in the online marketing space.  It is just one of the channels that Kate Spade focuses on in their omnichannel retailing approach. CEO Craig Leavitt says
“What we planned to build was a global multichannel lifestyle brand embraced by consumers and markets in all the fashion capitals around the world, a brand that spanned multiple categories and reached [the consumer] in many different moments of her life. When I say multichannel, I mean that we believe in reaching out to [the consumer] in all channels of distribution, whether it's brick-and-mortar or online; they're all important points.”

In conclusion, currently, I may not fit into their “ideal” segments and image. However, in a few years after graduating and paying off those pesky student loans, I may be able to indulge in the full Kate Spade experience of what it is truly like to be a “Kate Spade New York Girl”.



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