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Friday, February 13, 2015

Workhall Studio: Artistry is Key


Crisp and clean minimalism emanates from all corners of the store; from the simple, airy fabrics to the white, open spaces and basic decor. The moment I step foot into Workhall Studio’s Whyte Avenue location, a calm tranquility washes over me.  I could call this my "happy place". I am quite the shopaholic, so for a retail store to be able to provide me with such a powerful reaction upon experience, Workhall is absolutely doing something right.

Workhall is the definition of a small and unique retailer. There exist two Edmonton locations; one in the heart of our city in downtown Edmonton and the other at the center of our arts and entertainment district –Whyte Avenue.


As mentioned above, Workhall’s style is sleek and minimalistic. This is reflected in both the merchandise as well as the stores’ layouts.They sell high quality staple pieces consisting of neutral colours but interesting silhouettes. As well, accessories are simple and timeless. These are pieces that will remain a part of the shopper’s wardrobe forever. Customization also works to Workhall’s advantage. It is unlikely that a customer will come across someone else wearing the same item; that special dress is exclusively theirs.
Within the store, there is no clutter to be seen as thin silver racks outline the edges of the floor; customers have plenty of room to peruse. This setup also gives the individuals maximized visibility. The sales associates are have mastered the balance of welcoming but not suffocating. They offer warm greetings and guide me as i enter, but allow me to make my own purchasing discussions. Workhall has perfected the ideal shopping environment.

While doing further exploration into this retailer, I fell in love with not only their product and beautiful displays, but also their company culture and brand management methods. Workhall’s mission within the community is founded upon 3 principles; Artistry over commercialism, tailors over factories and longevity over trends. Workhall specializes in celebrating everything local. The boutique carries brands designed by in-house artists and small Edmonton businesses. The clothing designs stems predominantly from the genius mind of Workhall founder Nicole Campre, while jewelry is created by Bang Bang Bijoux - a conglomerate of Edmonton jewellers. 4 This idea of celebrating local art is extremely refreshing, especially with the rise of fast fashion in a world of commercialism.

With 2 locations in just a few short years, Workhall could be changing the face of fashion retailing in both Edmonton and beyond.



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