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Friday, February 13, 2015

SWAROVSKI: shining experience

If I am planning to buy jewelry to my friends, the first place that comes into my mind will be SWAROVSKI. Lots of stores also offer jewelry for purchase but SWAROVSKI is pretty special in them. The value of product, store layout, customer service, location and atmosphere in the store really makes the purchase a good experience.

SWAROVSKI is a family-owned company founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895. Today, the company has a global reach with more than 25,000 employees, a presence in over 120 countries and a turnover in 2012 of 2.38 billion Euros. SWAROVSKI crystals hav become an essential ingredient of international design. Since 1965 the company has also catered to the fine jewelry industry with precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones. Showing the creativity that lies at the heart of the company, SWAROVSKI's own brand lines of accessories, jewelry and home decor items are sold through more than 2,350 retail outlets worldwide.

SWAROVSKI usually locates in mall (such as west Edmonton mall and south gate) and on the side of cross which has great flow of people. Also the design of the store is friendly and shining. Inside the store, the stainless steel prism exterior elements can catch light and reflections from outside the store. The combination of horizontal and vertical showcases featuring LED lighting from various directions make the whole store brighter. Meanwhile, the play of light on different materials also enhance the sparkle of its products. Besides, they usually provide Chinese service due to the Chinese love of crystal. For this reason, they can communicate with Chinese customers better and create the awareness, shape positive beliefs and attitudes for their products.

From the perspective of shoppers satisfaction, customers are generally satisfied with product quality and price. SWAROVSKI Crystals are the finest cut crystals available no matter for their color, cut, and clarity, the finer SWAROVSKI Crystals can even command prices that are equal to the price of diamonds.This makes the value of SWAROVSKI's products higher than its competitors. On the other hand, the price of its products is also not too expensive compared with the competitors too. After purchase, customers can get a membership scorecard for free which customers can get a three years free fix and even some extra discount for the product. All of the these factors make give consumers great purchasing experience.



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